Protect your Kids utilizing Parental Controls on your Apple Devices

September 6, 2018



Many kids today, of all ages, either have personal devices or have access to personal devices. If you or your child have an iPhone or an iPad, you should strongly consider utilizing the "Restrictions" feature on the device.


Why is this important? Here are some examples of what you're able to accomplish with the "Restrictions" feature:

  • Restrict certain times of the day your child can use their device.

  • Control what content they have access to and select by age group in some circumstances

  • Ensure that explicit content is not available.

  • Pre-empt a surprise iTunes charge by turning off in-app purchases.

  • Turning off the ability to add or delete apps on the device.

  • Allowing the use of the camera.

  • Giving the ability to turn location settings on or off.

Your concerns and motives to restrict your child's use of a device may differ. Regardless, having a basic understanding on how to access the "Restrictions" feature and becoming aware of the capabilities never hurts.  As it has been said many times, "Better to be safe than sorry".


To access and control the settings within "Restrictions", follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your device.

  • Tap General.

  • Select Restrictions.

  • If you haven’t enabled Restrictions, tap Enable Restrictions and set a Restrictions Passcode. Word of caution - use a password different from your device password considering most kids already know your device password.

  • Set your password and make sure it's one you’ll remember;  Warning: If you forget your Restrictions Passcode, you won't be able to turn Restrictions off or change them!

  • If your Restrictions are already enabled, simply enter your Restrictions Passcode and 

  • Scroll down and toggle the features/changes you wish to restrict.

That's it.. I hope you find this information useful. Next week, I'll discuss some capabilities for non-Apple devices.

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