General Questions

How do I get help from a Librarian?

Ask for assistance at the Checkout Desk. Call the library (570) 836-1677 Email by clicking here: Contact Us or About Us

Is there a limit on items I can check-out?

Books, magazines, audiobooks ~ unlimited amount Movies ~ 3 per adult patron account Library of Things: Discovery Kits, American Girl Dolls, and Star Wars Figures - 2 per adult patron account Speck Monitor & Musical Instruments ~ 1 per adult patron account All accounts must be free of any fines, charges, or overdue materials to checkout the item.

How long can I keep library items?

Depends on the item(s):

Books and other materials not listed below ~ 3 weeks Movies ~ 1 week Discovery Kits & Library of Things ~ 1 week Interlibrary Loan ~ varies according to the lending Library

How can I make a financial donation to the library?

Refer to Donate There are many options: Annual Appeal Special Events Book Sponsorship Magazine/Newspaper Sponsorship Memorial donations Recognition/celebratory donations

How do I book the TPL Community room or Study Room?

*Policy and reservation form available here: Rental space

Can I use a computer without having a library card?

Yes, stop by at the Checkout Desk before using the computer to show your ID.

Does the library have free WIFI?

Yes, the monthly WIFI password is located at the Checkout desk.

Can I print at the library?

Yes, fees apply. You can print from the library computers only. Black & White ~ $0.25 per page Double sided black & white~ $0.50 per page Color ~ $0.50 per page Double sided color ~ $1.00 per page

Can I send a fax from the library?

Yes, but a fax cannot be sent TO the library fax machine. For 570- or 800- area codes, $1/page For all other area codes, $2 for the first page and $1/page for each additonal page

Can I make copies at the library?

Yes, fees apply $0.25 per copy $0.50 per double sided copy $0.35 per legal copy

Does the Library have meeting space available?

Yes, the Fassett Community Room (capacity 100) and Fitze Study room (capacity 6) can be booked for meetings, club meetings, etc. Restrictions and fees apply. Rental policy Reservation form

How do I apply for a library card?

Library card applications can be completed online or at the Checkout desk at the Library. A driver's license or identifiation card is required. For an out of state ID, proof of a local address is also required. If applying online please present your ID (and proof of local address if applicable) when picking up the library card. Library card applications for anyone under 18 years of age must be linked to a parent/guardian's library account.

Does the library sell used books?

Our Cooper's Corner book store has used books for sale. Twice a year in April and October the Library has a large fundraising book sale. Check our event calendar for specific dates. Sale items priced as marked or standard pricing applies. Children's Books ~ $0.50 each Large Type Books ~ $3.00 each Hardcover ~ $ 2.00 each Large paperback ~ $2.00 each Mass Market/ Small paperback ~ $1.00 each Abridged Audiobook ~ $2.00 each Unabridged Audiobook ~ $4.00 each DVD movies ~ $2.00/disc

Does the library accept book donations?

The library does accept donations for our book store, Cooper's Corner. Cooper's Corner Book Store was created to generate income for the library. Donations in excellent, sellable condition are welcome. Thank you for thinking of the library when you have items to donate. Due to space constraints and the types of items that sell, we are unable to accept textbooks, encyclopedias, Reader's Digest condensed books, magazines, VHS movies, cassette tapes, music CD's, and outdated books. We cannot accept materials that are moldy, musty, damaged, discolored and/or books without a dust cover.

Does the library have a quiet study space?

Yes, we have two study rooms available. The small study room (capacity of 2) does not require a rental fee. Please stop by the Checkout desk to make a reservation and to sign the library study room policy. The library also has a *large study room (capacity of 6) available for a rental fee. Please refer to the Rental policy and Reservation form.

Can I scan documents at the Library?

Yes, documents can be scanned to a flash drive or to an email address. Scanning is a free service. Flash drives can be purchased for $5.00 at the Checkout desk.

InterLibrary Loans

How do I request items that TPL does not have?

Complete a InterLibrary Loan request form at the Checkout desk or complete the form online: Request an InterLibrary Loan.

Who can use the InterLibrary Loan service?

Any library patron in good standing may use the service. This InterLibrary Loan service is a privilege as a library patron, not a right.

Is there a fee to use the Interlibrary Loan service?

Generally, there are no fees to library patrons. Libraries absorb the fees of processing and shipping; estimating approximately $30 per transaction. Fines, damage and replacement fees do apply.

How many items can I request?

You may request three InterLibrary Loan items at a time. The library will process your requests but cannot hold additional requests for future processing.

How long does it take to get InterLibrary Loan items?

On average, it takes 7-14 days. The library cannot guarantee a delivery date; it could take up to six weeks.

Can I renew items obtained through the InterLibrary Loan service?

No, InterLibrary Loan items cannot be renewed and must be picked up and returned to the Tunkhannock Public Library.


Do you offer WIFI to your patrons?

Yes, we offer Wifi throughout the building. The WIFI name is "TUNKLIB" and the password changes monthly. You can find the current password at the Checkout desk.

Does the library offer computer help?

Please ask for assistance at the Checkout desk.

What are the SPECK monitor available at the Checkout desk?

Recognizing the findings that Indoor Air Quality is 4X worse than Outdoor Air Quality, TPL is pleased to offer it's patrons the ability to borrow an indoor air quality monitor for their home. The Speck is a low-cost device that detects fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in your indoor environment and informs you about changes and trends in particle concentration. Our mission is to provide an affordable tool that makes the invisible visible, and empowers you to make informed decisions about how to improve your personal air quality. Use Speck to test whether your vacuum exudes particles, whether your cleaning products are making your employees cough, whether your kitchen range hood exhausts to your child’s bedroom and more. More information on SPECK

Are headphones required for any computer audio?

Yes Headphones are available for purchase at the Checkout desk for $2.00 each set.

What software do the library computers have?

All computers are Microsoft 10 with Firefox internet browser and Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher

Can I use a Flash drive on a TPL computer?

Yes, you may use your flash drive on our computers. Personal files cannot be saved on the hard drive.

How long can I use a computer?

You are encouraged to use a computer no more than 45-minutes per day. If you notice that all of the other computers are occupied, and you are past your time slot; we ask that you kindly free up the computer to allow a waiting patron access.

How can I add the Google Chrome web browser extension called "Library Extension"?

To add the extension on your computer, search "library extension" in your Google Chrome web browser. By clicking on the first search result, libraryextension.com, you will be able to choose "Install on Chrome". Once you do this, a small stack of books icon will appear to the right of your Google Chrome search bar. When you click on that stack of books, you will see the option to select your state and library, then hit the green circle/plus sign. You can now search Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Goodreads.com and more and there will be a section either to the left or the right when you search a book that shows if your library has a copy. You will be able to click "borrow" or "place a hold" which takes you directly to our library catalog.

Hold Items

Can I put item(s) on hold?

You may place a hold on most library items (excluding reference items). You can do this online through My Account Enter your 14 digit library card number & pin number. Default pin: last 4 digits of your daytime phone number Please note that items are not available immediately when you place a hold. You will be notified by phone, email and/or text message when your hold becomes available.

What is my PIN?

Your PIN default is the last four digits of your daytime phone number on your library account.

To change your PIN, log in to My Account and go to Account Preferences to change your information.

How will I know when my Hold is ready?

You will receive a phone call, email, and/or text message when your hold is ready. If you have not selected your contact preferences during registration in your online My Account you will receive notification by phone. You will receive a secondary notification phone call for any hold items remaining after four days.

Where do I pick up the item(s) on hold?

At the Checkout desk or schedule a curbside pickup.

How many items can I place on hold?

You may have up to 25 items on hold on your account.

How long is a Hold held for me?

The items will be held for seven library business days; excluding Sundays and holidays. This ensures everyone receives their Holds in a timely manner.

Can I pause a Hold?

Yes, you can pause a hold that is “not ready for pickup.” While your hold item is paused, you will continue to move ahead on the waiting list, but the hold will not be sent to your pickup location while it is paused. Use this option to manage your holds when you are away. To pause a hold, log-in to your My Account and go to 'Holds'.

How do I set my Hold contact preferences?

Your contact preference for items placed on hold can be by phone, email, and/or text message. To set your contact preference access your My Account Select 'Account Preferences' then 'Notification Preferences' to set your contact preferences. Contact preferences can also be set by a librarian.

Will a Hold expire?

No, unless you set an expiration date while placing the item on hold in your My Account. However, you can set an expiration date for an item on hold beacuse of vacation, deadlines, etc.

Can I view my library account history?

Yes, only the patron can setup and view account history. The librarians do not have access to your account history. To set-up your account history log-in to My Account: Select 'Account Preferences' then 'Search and History Preferences'. Check all preference boxes that you would like.

Where do I access My Account online?

here: My Account

Renewals & Returns

How do I renew items?

It is possible to renew most library items three times; exceptions apply. Items cannot be renewed if your account and/or any linked accounts has a $5.00 or more fine balance. You can renew items online in your My Account. It is also possible to renew items by calling the library.


Discovery Kits, Library of Things, and InterLibrary Loan materials may not be renewed.

Why can't I renew library materials?

If you are unable to renew your library item(s):

  • your account may be restricted due to fines/fees of $5.00 or more

  • you may have reached the renewal limit

  • item(s) might be on Hold

How many times can I renew my item(s)?

Most items can be renewed up to three times.


Discovery Kits, Library of Things, and InterLibrary Loan materials may not be renewed.

Can I extend a due date longer then three weeks?

It is possible to extend a due date on some items for longer then three weeks. New arrivals with a pink dot sticker cannot exceed the three week due date. Inquire at the Checkout desk.

Can I return my item(s) after hours?

Yes, the library has a drive-up drop box located on the right side of the building.

Where do I return the library items?

Items can be returned to the drop box located in the library or the exterior drive-up drop box on the right side of the building. Large kits and musical instruments cannot be returned to the exterior drop box.

Fines & Fees

What if items are returned damaged?

You will be assessed charges for any library item(s) you return with damages. An individual assessment is made for each item(s) when returned. Your account is charged repair or replacement fees depending upon the extent of the damage. You will be notified of the damages and fees that apply. Items with multiple parts must include all items. Individual or full replacement fees may apply.

What is the policy on fines and lost items?


Most items ~ $0.25 per day overdue


DVD's ~ $1.00 per day per DVD

Discovery Kits & Library of Things ~ $1.00 per day per kit

If an item is lost, replacement fees will be applied to your account. Items with multiple parts may require full or parital replacement fees.

How long can I keep library items?

Depends on the item: Books, Magazines, Audiobooks ~ 3 weeks DVDs ~ 1 week Kids Discovery Kits ~ 1 week Library of Things ~ 1 week InterLibrary Loans ~ varies according to lending library

How can I pay for fines or fees on my account?

Fines and fees can be paid at the Library. Acceptable forms of payment: cash check credits card/debit cards for an amount of $10.00 or more

Can I receive account notifications?

If you have provided an email address you will receive email notifications for approaching due dates, overdue item(s), and fine(s) that apply. If an email was not provided you will receive a phone call notification. Overdue fine notifications: 1. First notice ~ Notification of the item(s) that are overdue. 2. Second notice ~ Notification of the item(s), replacement fee(s), and processing fee for any item(s) not returned. 3. Third notice ~ A letter is sent to the address on file detailing the item(s), replacement fee(s), and processing fee for any item(s) not returned. Once the item(s) has been returned the replacement fee(s) will be removed from your account. The overdue fine(s) and any applicable procsessing fee will remain on your account.

My Account online

Where do I access My Account online?

Here: My Account

What is my PIN?

Your PIN default is the last four digits of your daytime phone number on your library account.

To change your PIN, log in to My Account and go to 'Account Preferences' to change your information.

Can I view my library account history?

Yes, only the patron can setup and view account history. The librarians do not have access to your account history. To set-up your account history log-in to My Account: Select 'Account Preferences' then 'Search and History Preferences'. Check all preference boxes that you would like.

Can I pay My Account balance online?

Yes! Here: My Account

Curbside Services

What does curbside service include?